My automobile was broken into. Is my laptop covered?

There are several factors that come into play if someone breaks into your automobile. The first would be the damage done to your vehicle, if any, and second would be the laptop that was stolen.

The auto insurance policy includes liability coverage and, if purchased, comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage would provide for the broken window to be replaced and in many states, including South Carolina, the deductible does not apply and the window would be replaced at no cost to the insured.

There would be no coverage in the auto insurance policy for the laptop or any other personal belongings that may have been stolen. However, these items should be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. Assuming you have a homeowner’s, renters or even a condominium owner’s policy you could file a claim for the stolen personal items but that policy’s deductible would apply. Obviously, the best scenario is to avoid leaving any personal items in your vehicle to eliminate the hassle and financial loss from having someone break into your vehicle.