Golf Carts and Underage Drivers

There are many public neighborhoods these days full of kids driving around on golf carts. Fun for the kids I know but potentially disastrous for the parents. Did you know that your unlicensed golf cart driver creates the same liability for you as if you gave the car keys to your 10 year old? In South Carolina, you must hold a valid drivers license to legally drive a golf cart. You have no auto insurance coverage for your children, driving the golf cart on public roads UNLESS they are a licensed driver. You must also have your golf cart listed on your automobile insurance policy or a separate golf cart policy.

In addition, for your golf cart to be driven legally by a licensed driver you must to go by The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and complete a SCDMV Golf Cart Permit Decal and Registration Application Form GC-2. This permit allows you to drive on a secondary highway or street with a speed limit 35MPH or less. You also must stay within 4 miles of the address noted on the form.

Should you have additional questions please call our office.