Automobile Policy & Customized Parts and Equipment Coverage

A standard automobile insurance policy will only cover original factory equipment installed by the manufacturer. So if you have replaced your stereo, enhanced the body, added custom wheels or modified the engine – just to name a few, then you need to notify your agent to be sure these items have auto insurance coverage. Also, older cars that have been restored would not necessarily be covered for the restored value. The auto insurance policy would have an agreed value. This would be determined and agreed on by the insurance company and the insured. The company may require an appraisal or at least documentation and receipts to include parts and labor, to help justify the agreed value.

To be safe, you should advise your agent if you have any of the following:

  • Premium Wheels & Tires
  • New Stereo Equipment
  • New Paint Job or Body Work
  • Front or Rear Spoilers
  • New Upholstery or Carpeting
  • New or Modified Engine
  • Hood Ornaments
  • New Transmission
  • Auxiliary Lighting
  • Alarm or Security System
  • New CD or DVD Player
  • Chrome Bumpers
  • Undercar Accent Lighting